Best Workout Tracker Apps for iOS and Android

What are the Best Workout Tracker Apps for iOS and Android ?

If you are looking for the best workout tracker apps then keep reading!

Training for a marathon must be highly efficient since the name of the game is endurance. You want to train enough to prepare your mindset and not to strain the body on the day of the event itself. To help you with your training, there are apps for either iOS and Android, that are reliable and available in the market.

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Apps to Track Your Workout-For Beginners:

  • Human

It aims to motivate aspiring runners. It tracks the time of your activity and the milestones you hit daily. It also compares data with another person.

  • Couch-to-5K

It aims to build confidence by guiding you to 3 thirty-minute workouts weekly for a race of 3.1 miles in just nine weeks.

  • Pacer

It aims to help you start a consistent routine for running marathon. It is centred on step counting, and you can track your position through GPS.

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App to track your gym workout-For Advanced Runners:

  • Strava

It is best used for tracking rides and runs of casual runners and even pro-athletes. It is compatible with various GPS devices and tracks all necessary metrics. You can also compare your performance to other runners through its feature.

  • Runcoach

It is best used for building flexible training plans. You can set a goal, and the information about your schedule and the algorithm will give you a customized training guide.

  • MapMyRun

It is best used to find new running routes. The app has records of the geography of the terrain, the calories you are burning and other more. It can be synched with other wearable device trackers.

  • iSmoothRun

It tracks multiple aspects of your running – from the time, steps to weather and locations and to even your shoe mileage. The data gathered can be exported to other apps, also in just a few moments.

  • Zwift

It is a perfect tracker using indoor training for running marathon. While training on a treadmill, you can interact with users all over the world through its virtual atmosphere. It is compatible with most devices, including your TV.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Those are some of the best beginner and advanced runner marathon apps that will help boost your performance.

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