How to Run Safely – Our Safe Running Techniques

How to Run Safely – Our Safe Running Techniques

If you are learning how to run safely – Keep reading!

Running is one of the few sports that can improve our body in a very short time. It strengthens the cardiovascular system, normalizes the work of the vestibular apparatus as well as makes blood flow to the brain. During systematic running, the clamps disappear and the body becomes more elastic. The training also has a beneficial effect on vision with attention. Needless to say, running charges with vigor, improves performance, improves mood and strengthens the nervous system. In short, run for your health.

Of course, you need to do it not only regularly but also correctly. In our article, we will show you how to run safely.

Select your place carefully

Avoid putting yourself in high-risk places. If you can, try to do your runs in more crowded or very familiar places. Avoid running in poorly lit areas or by yourself very late at night.

Your family should know

Always let your family members or friends know where you are going to be running and for how long. There are plenty of tracking apps that can help with this. Our favorite is Strava, where before each run you can send an automatic message to your selected contact so they can track you.

Safety comes first

Always carry one of these: pepper spray, knife ring or even keys which can work as well for protection. For as little as 15 US dollars you can get a knife ring. This might sound too dramatic, but it is better to be safe rather than sorry.


The music volume should not be too high

Don’t listen to your music too loudly unless you are running on a treadmill. When running outdoors, you have a few options to choose from. The first is to reduce the volume. Secondly, you can pull one headphone out or thirdly you can use open ear headphones – so that you can always hear your surroundings.

Protect your privacy

If you are tracking your runs and sharing them on social media make sure you don’t start your run from your home. Take care to protect your privacy by enabling the safety zone feature on Strava.

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