Consequences of not training before marathon – 10 Reasons Why You Should

10 Reasons Why You Should do training before a running marathon

Running activity promotes wellness; however, if preparations are not made, it can only ruin your dormant physical state. Here are 10 reasons to discourage you from running a marathon without training.

Reason #1: Skin Chafing

Not enough experience in running will give you difficulties in adjusting your body during discomfort, causing you to experience chafing on the skin of your thighs, chest, and even groin.

Reason #2: Gut Problems

Without training, your metabolism could go out of control and cause digestive issues and even bowel problems.

Reason #3: Toe Blisters

For the inexperienced, running a marathon will make you exert more than your limits, and your toes will suffer for undergoing constant pressure and heat buildup from the friction of your socks and shoes.

The three major contributors to blisters include heat, moisture and friction. While running, you should use leg care products that prevent the formation of toe blisters.
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Reason #5: Shin Splints

Without experiencing stretching and training in intervals to get the hang of running, your shins will bear the weight of your body plus the exerted force by your own pounding.

Reason #5: Ankle Sprains

Lack of warming up through ankle rotations might cause you serious injury if you proceed to run without training. Injury to the ankle can be worse if the damage extends to the tendons.

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Reason #6: Groin Injuries

This is one of the most neglected parts of physical exercise that can cause serious trouble if damaged. A groin injury not only limits your mobility but also your regular urination and sexual activity.

Reason #7: Back Problems

Training helps you develop your running posture. Without it, your back might get stretched and worse, displaced from suddenly running forward.

Reason #8: Stressed Knees

If you are untrained, the weight of your body might bear excess load which your knees have to carry on. A knee that is not strengthened will fail in carrying your weight and might cause serious damage to the extent that you can’t even walk again.

Reason #9: Respiratory Problems

Such cardiovascular exercise requires a lot of oxygen to keep the blood flowing. If you’re not flexible and experienced enough, you’ll have irregular breathing patterns which can cause your lungs to get stressed.

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Reason #10: Heart Failure

There is no doubt that the exercise is good for the heart, but for an untrained person, it can be a suicidal mission. Since the blood pumps faster and without prior training, any heart-related injury can occur due to internal stress, thereby causing it to shut down.

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