The 9 Best Sports Bras for Big Bust for Ladies Who Are Active Runners

Here we will review the possibly the best sports bra for a large bust

If you are looking for the best sports bra for a large bust, you came to the right place! Keep reading!

Whether you enjoy a nice morning jog now and again or are training for your next marathon, one of the most important things you need to have is proper equipment.

High-quality running shoes, windbreakers, and hydration packs are a must. However, the absolute necessity for ladies who enjoy running is a good sports bra.

You don’t want everything bouncing around when you’re training, and not just because it’s an uncomfortable distraction.

When running, your breasts don’t just move up and down as many believe, they move from side to side and forward and backward as well. Since breasts don’t naturally have proper support, this can cause severe pain, especially if they’re a larger size.

So, you need to find an adequate sports bra for the big bust that will prevent too much movement and help to eliminate pain while running.

There are many different types of sports bras that make big promises, but not many of them deliver. If you want an effective sports bra as a busty lady, you need to take into consideration several factors, and figure out the exact bra type you need. So, let’s get to it.

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Factors to Consider When Picking a Running Bra

A traditional bra is usually just designed to help you visually counter gravity. Of course, some offer additional support and come with a few extra benefits, but their primary purpose is their visual appeal.

Sports bras, on the other hand, are designed to prevent excessive breast movement, provide support, and help you deal with excessive moisture while exercising. They can come with many additional perks and features, but not all of them are created equal, regardless of what they promise.

So, to ensure that you get what you need for running, here are some of the most critical factors you should consider when buying a sports bra for the big bust.


Let’s be honest here; few girls would think of comfort when they think of a sports bra. Most would compare it more to a piece of armor – tight, uncomfortable, perhaps even painful.

But a good running bra is supposed to be comfortable above all.

It should fit snugly around your breasts, and not cause any pain in your back and neck. Never buy a sports bra a size too small, nor a size too big for that matter.

Surprisingly, it’s estimated that a majority of women wear a wrong-sized bra. One small-scale study on 102 women even showed that all of them wore the wrong size bra.

If you aren’t sure about your exact size, get measured. It’s a simple process that doesn’t take more than a minute, but that can make your life so much easier.


The single most important thing to pay attention to when choosing your new activewear is the material. You need something that’s breathable, and that will help you wick away the sweat from your body.

Most people think that choosing natural materials such as cotton is best. And sure, cotton is soft, pleasant on the body, allows plenty of air to pass through the clothing, but it’s a nightmare if you’re sweaty. It becomes cumbersome and soggy, and it sticks to your body.

This creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, and can even lead you to develop a fungal infection on your skin. No one wants to deal with that.

So, instead of choosing cotton for your sports bra, it’s better to go for synthetic materials such as wicking fabric. While synthetic materials get somewhat of a bad rep, they’re much better at drawing moisture away from your body, and depending on the type of fabric chosen, they can let a lot of air pass through.

Wicking fabric has an added benefit of being waterproof. On the one hand, it has large enough “pores” that let water vapor and air easily pass through. While, on the other hand, those same “pores” are small enough to prevent water droplets (such as rain) from penetrating the fabric.


Of course, running bras need to provide you with adequate support, no questions asked. Some bras are designed to provide support for low impact activity, others for medium to high impact activity. When choosing sports bras for big bust, it’s better to always go for high support regardless of activity level.

As a general rule of thumb, all sports bras can be classified into three broad categories based on the level of support they provide:

  • Encapsulation bras
  • Compression bras
  • Hybrid (compression and encapsulation) bras

Let’s take a closer look at each.

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Encapsulation Bras

Encapsulation bras feature two individual cups that are intended to support and surround each breast. Most regular bras are, in fact, encapsulation bras.

These bras don’t offer much in the way of support and are therefore designed mostly for low-impact activity. They can, however, be good for big busted ladies as they can prevent breast chafing.

Encapsulation bras are often the preferred choice because they offer a nice, natural shape, and keep your boobs looking perky – that’s always a plus.

Compression Bras

You can probably guess what compression bras are. As their name would imply, they’re designed to compress your chest and restrict excessive movement. They don’t feature separate cups, which can cause two issues for busty women.

A, since the boobs are compressed together, even the slightest repetitive movement can cause chafing. B, you might get the appearance of a uni-boob.

While compression bras can be suitable for medium to high impact activities, the chafing and the uni-boob are a problem.

Compression and Encapsulation Bras

Lastly, hybrid bras, or compression and encapsulation bras, often offer the best support and the best appearance for big busts, making them perfect for high-impact activities.

They’re the best choice for active runners because they encapsulate and compress each individual boob, restricting movement in all directions, preventing chafing, and offering a nice shape. Look for a compression and encapsulation bra with adjustable straps and band to ensure a good fit.


Who doesn’t like pockets?! They might not be an absolute necessity on every single sports bra you own, but they offer such great convenience that you’ll wonder how you’ve survived so far without them.

They’re ideal for stashing your phone, chapstick, even your keys, but they can also be a nightmare if they’re not appropriately placed.

You’ll need to look for a sports bra with pockets in strategic places only – mostly in the front and on the back. Pockets on the side of a sports bra are generally not a good idea as they can cause severe chafing. Even a small seam on the side of the bra can be super uncomfortable while you’re running, it’s even worse if you put your phone or keys there.

So, you don’t want any extra fabric in the underarm area.

If you’re planning on using the pockets on your sports bra for your phone, make sure that the material is waterproof. The entire bra doesn’t need to be made of waterproof material, but see that the pocket is if you want to protect your phone.

The Most Common Types of Running Bras

We’ve already discussed the different types of sports bras for big bust based on the level of support they provide. However, it’s also important to talk about the different types of bras based on their specific features.

We can once again divide the different sports bras into three distinct categories:

  • Pullover bras
  • Adjustable bras
  • Pocket bras

It’s generally recommended for ladies with bigger bust to get an adjustable sports bra, but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any good pullover sports bras for big bust. Pocket bras are a category of their own and can come as both pullover and adjustable bras depending on the brand.

So, without further ado, let’s get into these specific sports bra types, and see the best bra picks for each category.

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Pullover Bras

As their name would imply, pullover bras don’t have any adjustable clasps or bands, although they can, at times, have adjustable straps.

They’re by far the most popular type of sports bras simply because they’re convenient but still offer adequate support. You can just slip them on like a T-shirt – no more breaking your back and contorting your whole body just to put them on and take them off.

Since they cannot be adjusted, it’s crucial to get the right bra size right off the shelf. Always try them on before purchasing. If you’re ordering them online, examine the size chart thoroughly. Different manufacturers have their ideas about what’s an XL and what’s an XXL, so don’t just click on your usual size before checking out what exactly that specific size means.

If you’re in the market for a new pullover sports bra for big bust, check out the following recommendations.

Mirity is one of the most highly-rated bras you’ll find. It’s an ideal running bra for ladies with larger breasts and offers surprisingly high support for a pullover. You can use it for any high-intensity activity, and you can rest assured that your ladies will stay in place.

It features removable pads, which is a big plus in our mind as pads tend to crease up in most sports bras. Although it’s a compression sports bra, you won’t get that uni-boob look, but chafing might still be a problem as with most compression bras.

It’s breathable, made of high-quality materials, and as long as you properly maintain and wash it, it should last you quite a while.

Another compression bra, Champion’s vented sports bra offers great support and will significantly reduce any breast movement while running. This comes at a cost, however. You’ll get that typical uni-boob look which many women so despise.

It does have removable foam inserts that don’t move around too much, so leave them in if you want to retain the look of a natural boob shape.

With this in mind, it’s still an incredibly comfortable and durable sports bra for big bust. It has nice wide straps with gel-cushioning, which will prevent them from digging into your shoulders and causing pain. The material is very nice and soft to touch, and the mesh fabric on the racerback offers excellent moisture control.

New Balance sports bra offers you the best of both worlds – compression and encapsulation. It’s perfect for running and having you look good all the while. It’s made of very strong fabric but still offers breathability and comfort.

The racerback straps are easily adjustable, and they also feature the nice gel lining that will keep your shoulders happy. It has a hook/eye closure, so taking it off is easier, and it looks adorable. It’s overall a very nice sports bra for running.

Adjustable Bras

If pullover bras are just not your thing, you should go for adjustable sports bras. An added benefit with them is that you can easily customize them for a perfect fit, even if you miss your exact size.

They also tend to provide more breast support as they’re designed with better structural integrity. With an excellent adjustable sports bra, you shouldn’t feel any pain in your breasts, neck, and back while you’re wearing it.

Just remember, don’t tighten up your sports bras too much. There’s a difference between offering support and just straight out squeezing your entire torso. Sports bras aren’t corsets and shouldn’t make it hard for you to breathe – they should be comfortable for boobs of all sizes.

Perfect for high-impact activity, once you get the Brooks Juno sports bra for running, you won’t search for any other bra ever again.

First of all, it’s hella cute. There are various designs available with really nice patterns and bold colors. Unfortunately, this isn’t something you’ll often see in sports bras for a big bust.

Second of all, it’s practical. The straps are front-adjustable, so even if they move slightly, you can just move them back. The back has strong, comfortable clasps, and the seams are virtually unnoticeable.

The bra is made of nice breathable material that wicks away sweat, and the compression and encapsulation design is always a plus.

The Glamorise sports bra offers very nice coverage and excellent support. It’s another hybrid bra, so you’ll see no uni-boob, and there’ll be no chafing. It features reinforced cups that provide the same effect as wires, but of course, it’s wire-free.

The soft mesh fabric in strategic places ensures superior breathability and offers some added support that prevents bouncing. The straps can be adjusted at the back for a better fit.

Adjustable Bras

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Newlashua Push-up Sports Bra

Few sports bras will make you feel as secure as the Newlashua pushup bra. It has a great shape, excellent structural integrity, and really good fabric.

It features a very convenient front zipper, which can make putting on and taking off the bra so much easier. And the best part about it is that the zipper actually stays zipped up throughout your entire workout.

The velcro straps are adjustable at the back, and there are three sets of clasps at the back band.

Newlashua Push-up Sports Bra

Pocket Bras

We’ve already discussed the importance of pocket bras. They’re exceptionally convenient and can make your life as an active runner so much easier. So, let’s see some of the best pocket sports bras for a big bust.

This pocket sports bra is made of very stretchy material that should provide a perfect fit. As a compression bra, it won’t offer such great support as a hybrid bra will, but it should work adequately well for restricting breast movement.

Of course, its biggest selling point is the pocket located in the racerback. You can safely place your phone there without worrying about it falling out.

This sports bra is rather lightweight and offers only medium support. But it’s excellent for working out in the summer or running marathons as it offers great breathability and you won’t even feel like you’re wearing anything.

There’s a nice hidden pocket in the racerback, large enough to fit any phone.

It has a very modern look and is greatly comfortable, but you might want to wear an added bra underneath if you need extra support.

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EYILAI Pocket Sports Bra

Another sports bra with cute prints and designs, Eylai sports bra will offer nice support, good breathability, and extreme comfort. It features removable pads that can help you avoid the uni-boob look, but the pads do tend to move around and crease up a bit.

Tha pocket is comfortably located in the racerback, and whatever you put there will fit snuggly and won’t move around too much.

The Bottom Line

Picking out sports bras for big bust can be challenging. But as long as you pay attention to the most important factors and learn which features to look for, you should be good to go.

So go find a comfortable sports bra with superior support, and enjoy running without thinking about your breasts.


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