TOP Amazing Health Benefits Of Running And Jogging

TOP Amazing Health Benefits Of Running And Jogging

Benefits of Running are Countless

Running is one of the most accessible physical activities. Running and jogging mean Minimum of equipment and maximum of possibilities. You can run near your home in the park, at the stadium, on a treadmill at home or in a gym. There are a variety of training modes: from the easiest jogging to intensive intervals. This makes jogging an effective exercise for a person with any level of fitness.

Running offers clear coordination of movements: everyone who can walk and run (except people with health contraindications, of course).

We have prepared this article for women who want to start running. There are a number of factors, taking into account which you can make running your favorite tool for maintaining good shape for many years or even become a reason to be proud of yourself – you can set specific goals in kilometers and/or minutes and achieve these results.

Let’s with some health benefits of running and jogging!

A cost-efficient way of leading a healthy lifestyle

One of the major benefits of running is that it’s a fitness regimen that anyone can enjoy. It’s a low-cost yet efficient way of leading a healthy lifestyle and even those new to the world of fitness can engage in it. You don’t need to invest in expensive equipment – all you need are a good pair of running shoes and space to run and you’re good to go.

Improves your sleep

Considering how important sleep is to our overall health, it’s somewhat surprising that not many get enough restful sleep. With that said, engaging in exercise such as running helps improve one’s sleep, especially the quality of their sleep.

Moreover, contrary to popular belief, engaging in exercise such as running in the evening won’t disrupt your sleep. This is only so if you engage in a hard workout regimen within an hour before going to bed.

So, if you want to sleep soundly at night, then going for an evening run may help you get that
much-needed restful sleep.
Roberta blogger
Your Lady With Sneakers

It’s actually good for your back and knees

Many believe that because it’s an impact sport, it must be bad for one’s joints. However, studies have shown that it has the opposite effect – it can actually improve it. In fact, it can even increase one’s cartilage production, hence, improving one’s joints and preventing them from developing arthritis.

The same goes for your back – the more you run, the better your disc spacing looks.


It can help you shed those excess pounds – and keep them off

Running involves the movement of your entire weight, therefore, this helps burn more calories than other types of workouts. Because of this, running can help shed excess weight, especially when combined with eating a healthy diet.

You don’t have to run fast too. You can lose just as much weight running slowly as you do
running quickly. However, this means it only takes longer.

It helps improve your overall immunity, reducing the chances of many

Engaging in moderate exercise has been linked to improved immunity and the reduced chance of having various diseases – ranging from cardiovascular diseases to cancer. On the other hand, it has been found that extreme exercise had the opposite effect – it can temporarily lower your immunity.

With that said, engaging in moderate running and not pushing yourself too hard can have significant positive effects on your immunity and overall health.

It helps improve your cognitive function and reduces the risk of illnesses like

Considering that running improves one’s blood circulation, it only makes sense that it has some positive effects on cognitive function. Engaging in regular running as exercise helps the body circulate oxygen-rich blood, pushing it to the brain.

This allows for better concentration and a reduced chance of developing cognitive illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. That’s probably one of the best benefits of running. Happy running!

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