The Best Running Headphones Under $100 – Our TOP3 List

Listening to good music while running is something that we all love to do. It can provide you with energy and you will be able to improve your performance. However, you need to make sure that you are listening to music with the best headphones available out there.

When you start looking for the best running headphones, you will come across numerous options in the market. Selecting an option out of these can be overwhelming. That’s why we thought of sharing you with a list of best headphones for exercising. In addition to that, we will also share a guide, which you can follow at the time of getting these headphones.

What to look for when you buy the best running headphones?

All headphones available for purchase in the market are not good for running. Hence, make sure that you stick to the following criteria and pick a pair of headphones accordingly.


Comfortable fit

The headphones you use while running should deliver a comfortable fit at all times. It should not be a burden to you. Instead, it should fit perfectly well and you will not have to worry about getting them off from ears while running. Otherwise, you will keep on focusing on the headphones, which continuously come out of your ears, which can create a negative impact on your running performance.

Sound quality

Sound quality is something that you shouldn’t ignore while purchasing headphones for exercising. The headphones you purchase must be in a position to reproduce sounds with details. In addition to that, you should be getting the right amount of bass as well. Then you can enjoy all the tunes in the songs that you listen to.


Design goes in par with the comfort offered out of the headphone. You can purchase headphones for exercising under many different designs. You need to ensure that the design is something that you can comfortably wear while you run. In addition to that, you should ensure that the design is stylish and beautiful as well.

Waterproofing technology

When you are running, you might get caught in the rain. On the other hand, you will sweat a lot while you run as well. In all such instances, waterproofing capabilities of the headphones you buy can assist you, Make sure that you always go ahead with headphones that come along with waterproofing capabilities.


Battery life

You never expect your headphone batteries to die before you even complete your lapse. This is where you should be mindful about the battery life. It is better to go for a pair of headphones that can provide you with a battery life, which would last at least four hours. In addition to that, you must also ensure that the headphone batteries are charging fast.

Focus on these factors and you can go for the best pair of headphones for running.
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Top 3 recommendations for best running headphones under $100

We did a quick research in the market and discovered 3 of the best headphones that you can use for running. Here’s an overview of those three headphones. Any person who wants to purchase headphones for exercising can go through these three products and pick an option out of them.

1. Avantree E171 Running Headphones

Avantree E171 Running Headphones

Avantree E171 Running Headphones are quite popular among the different options available for your purchase in the market. The best thing about these earphones is their sound quality. You will fall in love with overpowering bass offered out of it.

You can even find how professionals tend to use these headphones for mixing and mastering. Since this is a wired earphone, you will never have to worry about battery life. It has inline controls along with a microphone. Hence, answering phone calls is something that you can easily do. On top of everything, the earphones deliver a snug and a comfortable fit, which is perfect for workouts. The in-ear hook design will ensure that it delivers a clear fit to you at all times.

2. LETSCOM Bluetooth Running Headphones

LETSCOM Bluetooth Running Headphones

LETSCOM Bluetooth Running Headphones can cater to all the expectations that you are looking forward to getting out of a pair of running headphones. You will be able to run these headphones for an extended duration of time as well. That’s because they come along with a nano-coating design.

This delivers IPX7 waterproofing rating to the headphones. There are simple control buttons available in these headphones. This can deliver a convenient experience while you are operating the headphones while you run. The headphones can also provide you with an excellent battery life of up to 8 hours.

3. Plantronics BackBeat FIT Wireless Bluetooth Workout Headphones

Plantronics BackBeat FIT Wireless Bluetooth Workout Headphones

Plantronics BackBeat FIT Wireless Bluetooth Workout Headphones are quite popular among runners as well. You can receive an excellent soft feel out of these headphones. Hence, running for longer hours with these headphones will not be something that you have to worry about.

Due to the unique design of the headphones, they will loop over the top of your year and will rest gently. These headphones can also deliver a crisp and clean audio output to you. These headphones look solid as well. All the key controls of headphones are available on the exterior. You can easily pair these headphones with your device and use them.

We highly recommend these headphones to the runners. We will make sure that you will never get disappointed with the purchase you make to buy one out of these headphones.

Final words: Which are the best headphones for running under $100?

Make sure that you go through these products and buy the ideal pair of headphones available to complement your running experiences. Then you can end up getting a quality experience. You will love listening to good music on a pair of headphones. It will also provide you with energy that you need to complete the lapses. Hence, you can receive maximum health benefits that would come on your way with running.



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