The List of Best Puma Running Shoes Worth Your Buck

The List of Best Puma Running Shoes Worth Your Buck

If you’re in the market to buy the best Puma running shoes, but you aren’t certain what you want, we have you covered. We’ve put together a list of Puma models you should definitely take into consideration, as well as a bit of a review for each model, so it’s easier for you to pick one out.

In recent years, Puma has been putting out some models specifically designed to improve the performance of the runner in every field possible. Whatever the intensity and environment of your training is, there’s most likely a Puma model that’s been engineered to boost your exercise.

There’s a wide selection to choose from, so we’ve also put together a quick rundown on what you should be looking for in a running shoe and why Puma is the brand you should turn to if you’re looking for some serious running footwear.

Puma Is a Reliable Sports Equipment Brand

The fact that Puma is a reliable brand is no secret, and it has been that way since the company’s early days, all the way back in 1948. The company’s founder Rudolph Dassler started his business after he split with his brother, Adolf ‘Adi’ Dassler (Who later went on to found what’s today known as Adidas) due to some differences between them. 

Proof that the company was a success from the beginning is that within less than five years of their founding, they already had Olympic medals under their belt, won by athletes wearing Puma shoes. From there, with top quality and design, and fueled by the rivalry that had developed between the two German companies, Puma skyrocketed into the mainstream.

They’ve since moved on to producing much more than just sports shoes and ventured into manufacturing all sorts of sports equipment, from footwear and clothing to all kinds of equipment and accessories. They’ve also spread out into the fashion world, and their products today range anywhere from professional sportswear to casual streetwear.

What to Look for in a Running Shoe?

What you look for in a running shoe depends on what kind of running you’ll be doing. The difference between a running shoe for trail running and for your casual jog on the treadmill is almost the same as between a sandal and a hiking boot. So the first thing you want to consider is what the terrain you will be running on is. Then you have the distances you usually run, how much cushioning does your foot need, are you maybe overpronating, and so on.

There are a lot of factors you should consider, like the flexibility of the shoe and how much cushioning it has. A running shoe should be just the right length and width for your foot, as well as hold your heel and provide stability. The choice of the parameters is, of course, different for everybody, and there is no universal solution for every runner out there.

It all boils down to reducing injuries to your foot and joints. Runners put a lot of strain on their bodies, and a good running shoe should be able to reduce the risk of injuries you could suffer. Anywhere from ankle sprains to blisters, the perfect shoe design is meant to protect you and make your run more comfortable and safer.

Additionally, make sure that the pair of shoes you get is the right size for you, as this can greatly impact how they interact with both your foot and the surface you run on. That’s why you should always check the shoe’s measurements alongside it’s stated size, just to be certain.

Recommendations of Best Puma Models

Figuring out the exact type of shoe you need to optimize your training can take a while, but once you do, picking out a pair of running shoes is a breeze. That’s why we deconstructed every model on the list, giving a brief explanation of what it specifically focuses on. 

If you know your body and have a strict training regime, you can pick out the model that will enhance your performance and keep you safe from blisters and other tricky injuries.

Here’s the list of Puma running shoes currently on the market that you should consider getting new footwear to improve your training. They aren’t listed in any particular order, and you can look through them all to find the model that would fit all the requirements you have when it comes to running shoes.

Puma Speed 600 Fusefit 

Puma Speed 600 Fusefit is a shoe that is built for speed in every aspect. If you want your run to go by smoothly and with astonishing speed, this model provides both the bounceback and energy conservation that’s necessary to keep you going. The Fusefit technology that’s added to this shoe allows the runner to adjust the shoelaces and customize the upper support to their preference.

It also does all that without sacrificing any of the comfort, keeping the cushioning to just the right amount for both support and comfort. It’s a strong outing from Puma when it comes to high-speed performance running shoes.

Puma Speed 500 Ignite

If you are one of the runners that prefer lighter footwear, you should be looking into getting a pair of Speed 500 Ignites’ for your workout. They are made from an extremely light and breathable ultra-open mesh, so they feel like they aren’t even there, prevent excessive sweating, and let your foot breathe even in tough exercises.

The best thing is that the shoe’s lightness and the good responsiveness from their Ignite foam cushioning make this model very versatile. The midsole also features the Propulsion Band technology that improves the shoe’s spring and gets some bounce to your step. You could use them for essentially any workout, from the gym to the open road.

Puma Hybrid Fuego

Puma’s ultimate road runner, the Hybrid Fuego, was engineered to be taken out to an open road and enjoy the freedom of a long-distance run. Not only is it highly functional at what it’s made for, but it’s also very stylish while accomplishing those goals.

The model’s name, Hybrid, comes from combining two of Puma’s technologies in it’s midsole, the full-length Ignite foam, and the NRGY core unit. By combining these two elements, they made sure that the shoe is both comfortable through the entire exercise and highly responsive with every step you take. 

The Ignite foam throughout the entire sole guarantees the comfort, while the NRGY core accounts for the responsiveness, making this model great for every road-runner out there that likes a little bounceback with their comfort.

Puma Viz Runner

This model is the result of taking in all the experience gained from years of making road-running shoes and incorporating it into a shoe that’s essentially made for trail running. The mix blends perfectly to make a trail running shoe that’s lighter and more comfortable than plenty of others in the field.

Now, the shoe is very light and would normally not provide enough support for something like running a mountain trail. Still, by employing a semi-rigid structure in the middle part made of TPU, it ensures that your heel stays where it should and improves the model’s overall stability. 

It also includes an EVA heel pod, that’s basically a foam pod underneath the heel that lessens the impact your step would usually make and enhances the shock absorption.

The Puma Speed Ignite Netfit takes everything that the Speed line of Puma’s shoes stands for and the Ignite foam in the sole and combines it with a Netfit system of lacing. The Netfit system upper offers the runner multiple options on where to thread their laces, depending on what they need from the shoe.

Being able to adjust how much support you need with the Netfit solution to lacing means that you can use these shoes for anything you set your mind to and make changes to how they interact with the ground and your foot along the way. 

They also offer a sock-like fit that’s a bit higher than in the average running shoe, but that only provides additional support to your step and imposes no restrictions on the freedom of movement. 

Puma Hybrid Astro

Another Hybrid model on the list, the Astro combines NRGY beads and the Ignite foam in it’s midsole to make it an exceedingly comfortable running shoe. Because of this combo, the midsole acts as a dual-density midsole, where the Ignite foam gives the shoe the responsiveness it needs, while the incorporated NRGY beads give the comfort that’s necessary for a good exercise.

It also features the Netfit technology, which means you can adjust the amount of support the shoe grants based on your subjective feeling and the type of terrain you’ll be running on. All of that makes the Puma Hybrid Astro a very versatile model that can shine in any environment you introduce it to.

Puma Hybrid NX

The Puma Hybrid NX also employs the mix of Ignite foam and NRGY beads that we touched upon but adds the sock-like fit that is meant to hug your foot and provide support to every step taken. It also has a very breathable knitted mesh for the upper, which lets your skin breathe and is extremely light.

What really sets it apart is the rubber sole that’s engineered to grip to all sorts of paved surfaces, making it one of the more versatile road-running shoes out there. They are also incredibly durable and can take quite a bit of punishment that long distances can impose.

They also have a customizable lacing system that provides you with the opportunity to adjust them to your needs.

Puma Ignite Limitless SR

The Puma Ignite Limitless SR is designed to enhance performance and look stunning while doing it. It uses the Ignatie foam throughout the length of the midsole, giving the wearer comfort even when running very long distances.

They also feature a sock-like fit that you can simply slip on and then tighten the laces more or less, depending on what kind of exercise you’ll be doing. They also have a rubber sole that’s engineered to get traction on most surfaces with its waffle pattern with mildly protruding gridlines that help you get a better foothold while you’re on the move.

Puma Hybrid Sky

Another running shoe from Puma’s Hybrid collection, the Hybrid Sky focuses on providing energy return and shock-absorption to the runner. It manages to do that by using the hybrid mix of NRGY and Ignite foam in the midsole, making for an explosive running experience.

Thanks to the external fit system, they also have an excellent balance that provides ample support throughout the exercise. The external fit also implements a full lace-up closure that improves its performance on any surface. They are great for hitting both the road and the gym, whatever suits you better.

Puma Ignite v2

Puma Ignite v2 is the latest update to the Ignite collection that Puma worked very hard on improving based on customer experience. The result truly is a state-of-the-art running shoe that anyone can wear, as it excels in all the fields they meant for it to do so.

They come out with the already proven Ignite foam midsole that does wonders for the overall feeling of comfort while running, alongside the ForEverFoam tech placed in the heel area that’s built to cushion every step you make. The additional support in the heel is outstandingly durable, and it doesn’t lose structural integrity no matter how much you use the shoes.

Puma Ember Trail

If you like to take your daily run off-road, the Puma Ember Trail is the shoe for you. One of Puma’s strongest additions to trail running, this model combines everything they’ve learned up until now into one shoe that is meant to conquer any terrain you can throw at it.

Definitely made for harsher conditions, they use a pretty thick rubber sole that serves to protect your foot from any bruising or injury that an uneven trail might cause. Also, they use the EVA foam for the midsole, that apart from being comfortable, provides enough bounce to your step to reduce impact and help you move dynamically on inclines the same as on flat surfaces.

Puma Hybrid Rocket Runner

This unique running shoe uses a deconstructed platform to provide support to each part of the foot equally. The sole is essentially split into three parts, one for the heel, midfoot, and forefoot, respectively. Each section focuses on one aspect of providing support to your running, and they all function together to improve your performance.

The heel portion focuses on impact dispersing, the midfoot on arch support, and the forefoot on toe-off. The deconstructed design also allows for improved flexibility with each step, as it lets the foot move in a completely natural fashion. All sections use the hybrid foam for the midsole, with varying amounts of NRGY and Ignite foam through each of them.


Whether you are a gym person and don’t ever run unless it’s on a treadmill, someone who jogs around the block or a park, or a hardcore trail runner who takes their exercise to unexpected and difficult terrains, Puma has a running shoe that will fit your style perfectly. 

All of them focus on slightly different parts of what makes a running shoe, providing for a wide array of good models that you can browse and pick out the one that has everything you need for your daily run to be better. On top of that, the running shoes they make look fantastic – you can wear them every day, without anyone batting an eye.

Certain models with enough cushioning are even great for people that walk or stand around for long periods as a part of their job, as they provide comfort that normal shoes simply can’t. 

Going even further into the versatility that’s offered, some trail running shoes can be a much lighter replacement for hiking boots if the hike isn’t too challenging. All of that combined makes Puma running shoes, not just an excellent option for running, but for every occasion.

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