Essential Guide to Buying Salomon Trail Running Shoes

Trail running in all its glory couldn’t be possible without the proper gear. Probably the most important piece of equipment you’ll ever need while running in steep and unpredictable environments is shoes. Like in any other sport, it’s important to be safe no matter what. 

Having high-quality shoes will not only help you run in comfort, but you will also be safer while doing it. When trail running, the best choice, voted by many, is Solomon running shoes. Their design and quality are the best in the world, which makes them a highly desirable item for any serious runner. 

How good are they really, though? Is it all just a marketing trick by the shoe company? 

There’s a lot we would like to mention, and we’ll try to explain in short what makes these shoes so good for serious runners. In the end, we’ll give you our 12 best picks of their best products.

Why Salomon Shoes Are Respected by Runners

Undeniably, Salomon’s running shoes deliver on their promises. We often witnessed how Solomon’s can handle any rough terrain we put them through. Used by amateurs and professionals, Salomon’s is the favorite choice of any athlete who doesn’t mind spending a little bit more money on a top-quality product. 

You have to go through some of the most challenging trails if you want to understand how important it is to have shoes that will provide comfort while giving you an edge over the competition. The quality of the materials ensures that your Salomon’s will last longer than most of the shoes designed for this type of sports activity. 

Because trail running is not like other sports, the shoes need to last even when facing the worst-case scenarios. Besides the performance, let’s not forget to mention the design of the shoes that will make any runner look stylish even when covered in mud. 

Each pair of shoes has its own character that’s very easy to fall in love with. When we combine all these, it’s easy to understand why Salomon won over the hearts and respect of runners all over the world.

Why Does Trail Running Require Specific Shoes?

When you’re trail running, it’s important to have shoes that can last rough terrain full of sharp rocks that can cut through them. Your safety should be a top priority at any time. Besides safety, trail running footwear’s main purpose is better grip while running on soft and slippery terrain full of rocks and tree roots. 

With a better grip, you’ll finish the track easier. Some of the shoes are also waterproof, which can mean a lot when running on some of the most challenging trails. Some might describe these shoes as performance boosters because of the advantage they give you over any other conventional shoe. 

Enhanced stability is something you might find in other types of shoes as well, but the stability found in this type is far beyond anything else out there. Using them gives you confidence that you can run the track without worrying about the condition of the terrain and with fewer chances of getting hurt while doing it.   

Your safety is the most important thing. Investing in this type of shoes should be the first thing you’ll do if you want to increase your chances of finishing the trail without getting hurt,

Salomon Trail Running Shoe Models

When choosing between the models, you first have to ask yourself how much you’re willing to spend on this type of high-end shoe. You might guess that owning a pair of Salomon’s will take away a big chunk of your budget. 

As with anything else in the world, quality comes at a price. The quality you’ll be getting is nothing compared to how long they are going to last you. Being able to take lots of wear-and-tear on trail running shoes is one of their key points. Some shoes might last you years and years if you take good care of them. 

With Salomon, the production quality is a top priority, so you can expect them to last longer than others. Being a top brand takes a lot of dedication and hard work, and folks at Salomon’s surely don’t lack one. 

Users’ reviews are the best way to find out if the stories surrounding this brand are true. In the next part, we’ll talk about 11 models of trail running shoes by Salomon and how well they performed according to those reviews.

1. S/LAB Sense 8


Weight: 195g

Drop: 4mm

Arch type: High

After reading user reviews, S/LAB Sense 8’s are rated as very comfortable and responsive shoes. The knitted heel collar fits perfectly on any leg and adds a bit more security by hugging the foot. Its lightweight structure of just 195g put these shoes in the group of lightweight high-performer. 

However, that weight reduction comes at a cost – you’ll have to make do with thinner cushions. However, even after losing some of the cushion thickness, which users state as a flaw, these shoes are still rated as very comfortable.

Based on many reviews, these shoes are the best when running short distances. One negative highlight of S/LAB Sense 8s’ is the price. Yet, overall, these shoes are rated quite well, apart from a couple of negative remarks. 



Weight: 375g

Drop: 6mm

Arch type; Neutral

A complete opposite to S/LAB Sense 8, here we have shoes with a bit of weight to them. The S/LAB XA ALPINE 2’ are one of the best rated Salomon trail running shoes by user experience. A large number of them reported that S/LAB XA ALPINE 2’ are very comfortable and breathable. 

With an even higher collar, sand and small rocks don’t enter the shoe so easily. Even with a high collar like that, shoes are still very flexible on the top. Shoe traction si good for many different kinds of surfaces and will perform well in wet conditions. 

In a sea of good comments, the only negative point out there is the price tag. Even though users frequently report these shoes as expensive, they give these shoes a high rating in their performance style and overall quality. These shoes are great for running, walking, and climbing.

3. S/LAB X ALPINE Modular


Weight: 695g

Drop: 10mm

Arch Support: Neutral

S/LAB X ALPINE Modular’s are designed for muddy and wet terrains. A zippered high upper collar will prevent any mud, sand, or rocks from entering. Besides that, these shoes are waterproof, and because of that, they are a little bit less breathable. 

Woven nylon material is designed to minimize wear-and-tear and will help shoes to last longer. Contagrip technology is suitable for any type of terrain you could run into, and the high grip you get is perfect for climbing steep tracks and slippery rocks. 

One of the best shoes if you’ll challenge yourself in going hard in beating any obstacle in your way. The worst thing about these shoes will be their weight. A little bit heavier than usual, S/LAB X ALPINE Modulars’ aren’t made for first-timers. 

Experienced trail runners enjoyed the shoes and rated them as above average overall.

4. S/LAB Sense 8 SG


Weight: 205g

Drop: 4mm

Arch Support: Neutral

S/LAB Sense 8 SG has the same design as S/LAB Sense mentioned above – the only difference is that these shoes are designed for soft ground, marked as SG in the name. They are not waterproof but are great for long runs on wet and slippery tracks. 

While in them, shoes will provide an elevated sense of security on such terrains. Same with the previous version, cushioning in these shoes is very thin, but they are rated as comfortable nevertheless. Overall, these shoes have a good rating, and many users recommend them. 

There are better options, but for beginners, these shoes are a perfect choice. You can also see these shoes around the city because joggers sometimes decide on buying them because of their low weight. These shoes handle city concrete with ease. 

Price is also something you’ll have to consider before buying. Like others on this list, these shoes have a hefty price tag, but the quality you’re getting is worth every cent.

5. S/LAB XA Ambhib 2


Weight: 215g

Drop: 4mm

Arch support: Neutral

Other great shoes by Solomon are definitely S/LAB XA Ambhib 2. These shoes perform best in muddy terrains and are good for long runs. Many stated that shoes are comfortable even without wearing socks. 

Compared to others, S/LAB XA Ambhib 2s’ has a low collar that can’t prevent anything from entering your shoes – it’s recommended that you use them in softer terrains for a better feeling of security. Good grip on muddy terrains will add extra confidence in the way you’ll run. 

One negative comment about them is that they’re not as durable as expected. Users report wear-and-tear after some time and are not happy with the quality they get for such an amount of money. They feel that shoes with that price tag should be reliable for a longer period and sometimes regret buying them in the first place. 

Staying on softer terrains may help these shoes last longer. If you take a little bit of extra care, you might prevent this from happening. 

6. X Alpine Pro


Weight: 340g

Drop: 6mm

Arch Support: Neutral

X Alpine Pros’ are best for casual training on rocky surfaces. Their ultra-grip will provide a lot of traction on any kind of rocky surface, even when wet and slippery. Rated as less comfortable, users don’t like that they’re very firm at the beginning and that it takes time to break-in. 

After going through that time, you’ll get flexible shoes that provide enough comfort in different situations because of the high cushioning. With its 24mm at the heel and 18mm in the forefoot, X Alpine Pros’ are comfortable enough for you to endure long adventures on rocky mountain trails. 

Overall, shoes will do the job whenever you put them to the test of their strength and performance. If you’re looking for comfortable shoes with high performance, X Alpine Pros’ are rated as one of the best ones for beginners as they can get used to them quickly. 

A negative side, like with all other Salomon’s, is their price. Quality comes at a price, and like in other cases, if you want a good one, you must spend a little bit extra.

7. Ultra Pro


Weight: Men 292g/Woman 215g

Drop: 8mm

Arch Support: Neutral

Ultra Pros’ are one of the most recognizable Salomon’s out there. You can often see them worn by common people walking around because their design is similar to some regular running shoes. They are rated as one of the best looking and very comfortable to wear. 

A perfect on every foot and classy look makes these shoes a favorite among women especially. They’re perfect for long runs on softer terrains but can also perform if you go off on harder surfaces. Users mention the lacing system many times in their reviews and how easy it is to put them on.

If you’re competing in a race, this lacing system will come in pretty handy for adjusting on the run. One negative thing about these shoes is their thin tongue unit. Users report that on longer runs, you might feel the pain because of the laces. 

That didn’t stop users from giving a good overall rating even with a flaw like that.

8. Speedcross 5 GTX


Weight: Men 340g / Woman 290g

Drop: 10mm

Arch Support: Neutral

Speedcross 5 GTXs’ are one of the most rated Salomon’s out there. The many positive reviews show that these shoes are very popular with trail runners. They point out that one lace system is perfect for adjusting your shoes while on the go with one simple pull. 

They are waterproof and ready to withstand all you can throw at them. Even with so many good comments, people pointed out a few things that can cause problems for some. First, shoes are bulkier than some other shoes of this type. 

In the long run, they can feel too stiff for someone’s taste. Another thing mentioned is that a low collar rubs the ankles and scratches them painfully, but you can easily avoid it if you know shoes tend to do that. 

Simply walk around when trying them out and check if that’s going to be an issue.

9. Sense Ride 3 GTX Invisible Fit


Weight: 290g

Drop: 8mm

Arch Support: Neutral

What put these shoes above others is their thick comfortable cushions that offer adequate support while running on hard terrains. Water protection is another great thing about them because you know you’ll end up running through the water on hard and unpredictable terrains. 

There are no real complaints about overall performance and quality. A small thing mentioned as a negative is that they are a bit wide around toes, but that doesn’t take anything away from their lovely design. 

Full weather protection and the ability to perform on all terrains are what make runners choose these shoes. We recommend them for all adrenaline junkies that are taking some of the most extreme trails out there.

10. S/LAB Ultra 2


Weight: 285g

Drop: 8mm

Arch Support: Neutral

S/LAB Ultra 2s’ has the most responsive cushioning on our list. When you ask runners why they’ve chosen S/LAB Ultra 2s’, that’s the first answer you’ll get. Right after that, the top reason for choosing these shoes is their stability provided by a low collar and lacing system that fits your feet perfectly. 

Some users mentioned the extra space in the toe box is convenient in many different scenarios they’ve encountered. The bulky design casts a bit of a shadow on the overall design, but it doesn’t affect its performance in rough terrains.

Like with others, the price tag is something that is mentioned as one of the negative sides. Yet, when you first try them on some of the most challenging trails, you’ll know that the money was well spent. 

11. Supercross


Weight: 310g

Drop: 10mm

Arch Support: Neutral

In the end, Supercross is one of the most beloved trail running shoes out there. What we learned from reviews is that these shoes have everything you’ll ever need while trail running. They are the perfect example of how important it is to be confident in what you’re wearing.

There are no significant complaints from the users, and therefore, we can conclude that you won’t regret buying them. You can use these shoes only on any terrain because of their adaptability. Comfort will play a big part in that, and you can expect that these shoes will deliver on that part as well.


Salomon is the top brand in the shoe industry that has consistently provided high-quality products for years now. Reviews made by users give the best picture of how these shoes are performing wherever possible. Buying these shoes, as we mentioned, will make you spend more than usual. 

However, if you’re looking for shoes that will last a long time, Salomon shoes are the top choice. Whether you’re just a beginner or an experienced trail runner, you’ll find these shoes worth every cent spent.

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