15 Amazing Women’s Running Headbands Out Now

15 Amazing Options of Women’s Running Headbands Out Now

Women’s Running Headbands

What do you actually need besides good running shoes?  Is your outfit important as well? 

Unbelievably, wearing headbands became the new normal when you’re out on running tracks or jogging around the neighborhood. When you’re outside and pass by some of these runners, you can often see that most of them wear headbands while doing their routine.

If you think that headbands are just a part of the style the runners are going for with their outfits, you are mistaken. Women’s running headbands are a lifesaver for 

Let’s get into what headbands are suitable for, and we’ll present you with our top picks of best choices for the ladies. 

What Is the Purpose of Running Headbands?

The whole point of wearing headbands while running is to keep the sweat from your head away from your eyes. Most of us have experienced that feeling when sweat drops into our eyes, making them burn until we get some water and wash them out. 

The pain you’ll go through if you don’t wear a headband can demotivate you when you start running and making yourself fit. Besides keeping the sweat away from your eyes, women’s headbands also keep your hair tight around your head. 

If you have long hair, it can often get in the way and obscure your vision. Stopping to fix your hair every few minutes might also ruin your focus. 

Right after these two major points, the bonus style points and that professional athlete look you get when wearing one is a topic in itself.

What to Consider When Buying One 

Before you decide to buy a headband, you should first look at what materials the brand used for that model. Some synthetics are bad for your skin and hair, and you’ll soon end up regretting your purchase. 

You should always find the approved materials that will have minimal effect on your body while sweating. Another thing you should check is whether the headband has a hole for your long hair. The back end should have a small opening to fit a ponytail through. 

Your hair can get damaged without it, leaving you with split ends, which will cost you lots of money at the salon to fix. Flexibility is one more thing you should consider, and whether the headband stretches in all directions or just horizontally. 

That will be a key point when you’re trying to fit it to your head shape and size without it slipping off from time to time. 

Best Running Headband Choices

Now that we have all the basics covered, we’ll give you our top picks of women’s hairbands on today’s market. We have a list of 15 women’s headbands that the users rated as an excellent choice. 

While we mostly focused on high ratings, we also picked a few decent options with a reasonable price tag that can fit anyone’s budget.

1. TrailHeads Women’s Ponytail Headband



TrailHeads Women’s Ponytail Headband comes first on our list. This headband is 4-way stretchable and can fit heads of all shapes and sizes. The polyester/spandex material used in this headband is a top quality, and it will wick your sweat without any issue. 

While it’s great at keeping sweat away from your eyes, the headband is also waterproof, protecting you from the rain as well. The contour fit design covers the ears completely and keeps them warm while running in cold weather. 

The hair slit in the back keeps your hair secure and safe from damage. The headband comes in a variety of colors, so the final choice is entirely up to you.

2. The North Face Standard Issue Ear Gear


The North Face Standard Issue Ear Gear is a perfect choice for wintertime runs in freezing-cold temperatures. The materials in this headband – 100% polyester and FlashDry™ – soak up all the sweat and protect your ears from the cold weather. 

The exciting thing about this headband is that it dries quickly, making it a perfect choice for long runs. Even though there’s no hair slit in the back, you’ll often see it on female runners. Judging by the reviews, the headband still fits perfectly on the head, even without the slit. 

One negative side is that you’ll have fewer color choices than some other hairbands on our list. If function is more important to you than style, then this option won’t disappoint you.

3.  Nike Printed Headbands


Nike Printed Headbands are the complete opposite of the first two on our list. These headbands won’t provide any protection from cold weather. They’re a thick rubber band around your head without covering your ears. 

They’re perfect for summertime when you want your skin to breathe. The materials used in these headbands are 70% polyester, 20% rubber, and 10% silicone. They are excellent for fixing your hair while running and for preventing the sweat from coming in your eyes. 

These headbands come in packages of 6 pcs, and you can decide if you want to wear them one at a time or combine them for a better look. 

They are very affordable, and they will fit anybody’s budget without a problem.

4. Buff Headband 


Buff Headbands have a classy and fashionable look. They are perfect for any day use and for all the ladies who like running the park dressed casually but with a bit of style. 

All the styles and colors will give you lots of problems when deciding which one to buy, just because the options are almost unlimited. Along with unique colors and styles, the materials used will be different in each of them as well. 

However, all of them share the same 4-way stretchable design that can cover your ears if desired. They are solid in wicking sweat, but what makes them really great is that you’ll be able to control your hair while running or just having a walk on a windy day. 

If you’re looking for a headband that will make you look stylish, Buff Headbands are the perfect choice for you.

5. Anna Headband

One of the loveliest Women’s Running Headbands – Anna Headband

If you’re trying to make your daughter fall in love with running and you want to make her your running buddy, you should gear her up as well. Anna Headbands are an excellent choice if you want to get your daughter to start running at a young age. 

There are many different styles to go for when browsing their site, so we recommend that you go over the options together with your daughter to find something you’ll both be happy with. 

Her first headband might be that spark that gets her motivated to continue running even when you’re not around. Children’s fitness is becoming more relevant as time goes by. Being surrounded by junk food wherever they go is a major problem, so it’s a great idea to teach your little ones how to stay fit while having fun. 

6. Inov-8 All Terrain Headband


Inov-8 All Terrain Headband has a snug fit on your head, and its synthetic fabrics wick the sweat with ease. The materials allow the headband to dry fast, even while on the run. This headband is unisex, and there’s no hair slit in the back. 

There were no major complaints by the women in the matter of damaging their hair. The materials used in this hairband are 92% polyester and 8% spandex, making it very light and wind-resistant as well. 

When buying this headband, you’re limited to only one size, but with a small percentage of stretching materials in it, you’ll have that snug and comfortable fit. 

The colors are basic, and you’ll not have to go through a long list of styles when deciding on one. Inov-8 All Terrain Headband is a very straightforward headband for everyday use. 

7. Adidas Hairband 3 Pack

One of the toughest Women’s Running Headbands – Adidas Hairband 3 Pack

Adidas Hairbands are some of the simplest hairbands you can find. They will not wick the sweat but will be excellent for controlling your hair. The pack of 3 pcs will be more than enough to keep your hair snug against your head.

You can choose if you’re going to combine them, or just wear one in a discreet way. Because they’re so slim, you might even forget that you have them on. If you like Adidas, these hairbands will blend in with any Adidas running shoes and sweatsuits. 

It’s best if you use them on hot summer days when you want to let your skin breathe. They come in limited colors, but they will still look good when paired with other Adidas products. 

8. Bondi Band Headband

And of course the stelf Women’s Running Headbands – Bondi Band Headband

Bondi Band headbands are one the most popular ones for those ladies that love making a statement. Because they are customizable, there are no limits on what you can make of them. You can add a personal note or a logo and make it custom style. 

Ladies absolutely love these headbands, not only for the custom styles but also because they still wick off sweat and control the hair. If you’re not into custom details, you can still choose from some of the best designs that money can buy. 

Bondi Bands are a perfect choice for all classy ladies that love turning heads around when they pass by running.

9. Suddora Striped Sweatband

The elegant Women’s Running Headbands – Suddora Striped Sweatband

Suddora Striped Sweatbands have that old-school retro look that’s different from anything else on the market. The main difference between these headbands and others on this list is that they’re made mostly from cotton. 

The striped colors remind people of the colors of their national flags, and they get the bands as a way of representing their heritage. When you have these on, you’ll be stylish and you may even spark up a few conversations. 

Getting these headbands is a bold move, but if you’re into retro fashion, look no further. Suddora Striped Sweatbands will bring you back through time to an age when everything was much simpler.

10. Gore M Opti Headband


Gore M Opti Headband uses 80% Polyester and 20% Elastane for making its recognizable multi-way stretch that will fit any head size and shape. This product is unisex, making it good for both men or women. 

The headband will cover your ear completely and will wick off the sweat while keeping you dry from rainy weather. Besides being good for running, Gore M Opti Headband is also a choice of many cyclists that loves its functionality.  

Multi-purpose headband will perform wherever it’s needed and will not disappoint you in any way if you choose it. Headband comes in basic colors, but they will look stylish on you no matter which one you choose to wear. 

11. Junk Ear Warmer


Junk Ear Warmers are other headbands on our lists that are famous for their classy designs. There’s a whole bunch of headbands with different colors and backgrounds that will impress anybody passing by when you’re running. 

Their spectacular design will make everybody come up and ask where they can get them for themselves. Besides the design, you can choose from different shapes and sizes. Some of them will only be good for wicking, but others will protect your ears and keep them warm. 

In general, they’re all good for controlling your hair even when you’re running fast sprints and put them to the test. Junk Ear Warmers will perform in all types of weather you can imagine. 

12. Buff CoolNet UV+


Well, here’s something completely unordinary that defies all the rules in making a good headband. Buff CoolNet UV+ uses materials recycled from old plastic bottles. If that impresses you, then the fact that this headband also protects you from the sun will just blow you away. 

Buff CoolNet UV+ is the best headband if you’re running long marathons during the summer times. It will protect you and soak up your sweat while doing some of the biggest challenges. The headband is 4-way stretchable, making it a snug fit and keeping your hair from flying around. 

If you’re all into saving the environment, a headband made from 95% recycled materials will satisfy your desire to help the planet.

13. Treadbands Tieback Headbands


Treadbands Tieback Headbands feel more like a bandana built with completely slip-resistant materials. The company guarantees that you can run as fast as you can, and your headband will remain tight on your forehead. 

Materials used in these headbands are 90%polyester and 10% spandex. With that tiny bit of stretch, you will have a comfortable, snug fit. Because it’s a tieback headband, it will fit you perfectly as long as you tie it firmly against your head. 

Treadbands give you many different choices of colors and designs, and you might spend a lot of time choosing the perfect one that fits your personality.

14. Bird Hug Headband


Oiselle Bird Hug sportswear is one of the biggest names in the runner’s world. They are famous mostly for running clothes, but they have a suitable headband that will go well with their outfits. If you own some of their clothes already, getting a headband from them is a very good idea. 

The headband will perform just as well as any of their products and will make you look good on any occasion. The headband will fit you with its stretchy materials and keep your eyes away from the burning sensation and blurred vision that sweat can cause. 

15. Headsweats Thermal Headband

Last but not least on our shelf of the best Women’s Running Headbands is – Headsweats Thermal Headband

Headsweats Thermal Headband has a safety feature incorporated in its design. It has a reflective logo that can be useful if you’re out running in low-light conditions during the night. The headband works well in cold weather, providing much-needed thermal protection on such days. 

There are not many sizes to choose from, but one size can fit most because of its 4-way stretchable materials. Besides handling cold weather like it’s nothing, it also wicks away sweat just as well as any other option on this list. For all those looking for a stylish headband, this one probably won’t be your first choice. 

The headband comes in basic dark colors that some fashion freaks might not enjoy. Still, we recommend Headsweats Thermal Headband for its excellent performance when you need it the most.


With so many choices in front of you, choosing a perfect headband that fits your personality and style might be a tough task. In the end, it’s all about what you’re looking for from a headband. 

Is it the style, or functionality, that will help you decide which one you should order? 

Either way, any headband from our list will meet your expectations and look good on you.

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