10 surprising reasons why you got injured running again

10 surprising reasons why you got injured running again

Wondering why you got running injured again? It is natural for the runners to get into injuries. But did you come across an injury again, shortly after a run? Then you should pay special attention towards it. That’s because there is an underlying cause, which is leading you towards injuries over and over again. You should think about treating that cause. Otherwise, you will into be able to continue with runs as you are facing continuous injuries.

Here is a list of 10 reasons on why you might have got into an injury again. 

Free Shipping on first & repeat ordersYou are dealing with stress 

Stress is something that can create a negative impact on the entire body. If you are dealing with stress, you should have a clear understanding on how to overcome it. If not, there is a possibility for stress to lead you towards numerous physical injuries. There are multiple methods available to take a break from stress. Engaging with mindfulness activities such as meditation will be one of the best methods available to deal with stress. Hence, you should practice meditation on a daily basis. Moreover, you should think about refraining from engaging with activities that can lead you towards stress.

You are continuing to wear orthotics

When you continue to wear orthotics, you will end up with an injury again. This is why you should refrain from wearing orthotics. It is better if you can determine whether it is essential to wear orthotics before you run. Then you can come up with the decision on whether you are wearing it or not.

You are not stretching properly 

Stretching workouts are extremely important before the run. That’s because you should warm up your body before going for a run. There is no better option available for you to warm up the body instead of stretching. Hence, you should pay a lot of attention towards the stretching workouts that you are engaging with before the run. You should not just engage with the stretching workouts for the sake of it. Instead, you need to understand the importance of it and why you engage with stretching. Along with that, you will be able to refrain from getting injured again.

You don’t take enough sleep 

Running is a strenuous activity. It can lead your body muscles to lots of wear and tear. Hence, you should think about providing enough rest for the muscles, so that they will be able to recover. This is where sleep comes into play. You should provide enough rest to the body through sleep. This is something that you should never ignore. If you are not taking enough sleep at night, there is a high possibility for you to come across injuries. Take a look at how much sleep you are getting per day. If it is under 7 hours, you should take appropriate steps to increase the amount of sleep that you are getting per night.

You are not wearing the correct type of shoes 

Shoes that you wear for the run can create a major impact on your performance. Likewise, the same shoes are in a position to lead you to injuries as well. This is why it is important for you to double check and see whether you are wearing the correct type of shoes. There are some effective guides available on the internet, which can help the runners to locate the best running shoes. You should stick to such a guide and get the perfect pair of shoes. Then you can refrain from getting into injuries.

You are not listening to the body 

When your body cannot handle it any more, it will indicate. You will need to listen to those indications from the body. Then you will be able to understand when you should be taking a rest. Along with that, you can provide proper rest to the body and refrain from getting injured over and over again.

You don’t consume enough protein 

As mentioned earlier, the muscles located in your body are subjected to wear and tear while you are running. Hence, you need to consider it as one of your responsibilities to support the recovery of the body. This is where protein would help you with. Protein will be able to provide much-needed assistance to the muscles with ensuring proper recovery. Therefore, you should consume foods that contain lots of protein. It is better if you can consume around 2g of protein per every kilogram of your body weight.

You consume lots of bad fats 

Bad fats are not good for the runners. Hence, you should refrain from the consumption of bad fats as well. Before you consume something fatty, you will need to check and see whether it is providing your body with good fats or bad fats. If it is providing you with bad fats, you should refrain from the consumption of it. Then you will be able to refrain from bad fats and keep you away from getting injured.

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You consume too much of sugar 

It is a good idea to refrain from the consumption of sugar. That’s because sugar is bad for your body. It can lead you towards long term negative effects as well as short term negative effects, which can increase your chances of getting into running injuries. For example, sugar can make you become a victim of obesity. When you are obese, you obviously have to experience more injuries while you are running.

You are training too hard 

You shouldn’t train yourself too hard when you are engaging with running. It is important for you to understand your limits and stick to the limits at all times. Then you will be provided with the chance to get the best possible returns out of your runs. 

If you are following one or more of these bad habits, you should refrain from it. Then you will not have to face any injuries while you are running. 

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