Running etiquette-rules to follow for a modern-day runner

We are modern-day runners and most of us occasionally dine at fine restaurants, work corporate jobs, and travel. We are generally aware of the proper etiquette to follow at the workplace, when dining, in meetings, and in different situations. But have you ever audited yourself as to whether you follow running etiquette? 

What is running etiquette? The main rule of etiquette, in general, is not to make the people around you uncomfortable, even when others accidentally fail to follow proper running etiquette rules. The general idea of running etiquette is to be respectful to other runners and non-runners, nature, and culture.  

The 10 crucial running etiquette rules to follow and runner’s pet peeves to avoid

If you follow these we are sure that you will be loved by your running community, your Strava friends, and anyone else who crosses your path during your runs.  

1.Do not litter. Neither trash nor your liquids. Keep it all for yourself. If you need to spit, sneeze or blow your nose, move to the side. Finished your drink? Keep it to yourself, put it in a pocket or keep it in your hand until the next station. As can you see we really need to start from the basics with running etiquette?  

2. Do not use a 100 % volume on your headphones. First of all, if you are running in a group nobody wants to listen to your playlist, even if you have been a fantastic Dj in the past. Secondly, it is not healthy for your ears. Thirdly and most importantly it is dangerous as you always need to be aware of your surroundings.  


3. Don’t be greedy. You do not need 6 bottles of water after the finish line. You do not need a banana for your sister, cousin, grandma, and aunt’s brother. Stop grabbing as many extras as you can after the finish line. It looks cheap and is being thoughtless about other runners who may finish later.  

4.Choose your starting place appropriately. Do not push everyone just to get the first slot at the start line if you are not running for a course record. It is super stressful for everyone when there is one person who always tries to be first at the starting line despite starting to walk after the first km. If you are physically ready, you will have the entire course to catch up on those few seconds.  


5.Don’t talk about running all the time. We all know this might be the toughest rule of running etiquette to follow. But we are strong and we can do it! Game rules are simple: you talk about running only if someone asks you about it. The exception to this rule is when you know the people you are talking to are runners too. Seems doable, right? 

6.Dress appropriately during your runs and after runs. I know you may have just hit your PR during a marathon race and feel you deserve to treat yourself with fancy drinks and lunch straight after the finish line with fellow runners. But if you take a shower and change your clothes, we guarantee not only will you feel better but others around you too. Another thing to remember, if you are running in the trails it is completely fine to run lightly dressed. However, If you are running in your neighborhood not everyone will feel comfortable if you are spinning around half-naked.  

7. Say thank you to organizers and volunteers. Most of these people have missed their Sunday lunch with family and some of them don’t even run themselves. So please thank them for their services always! 

8.Always wave back. We shouldn’t leave people feeling awkward by not waving back and it also helps put us in a better mood. That is what running is all about, good energy, isn’t it? This is one of the most common running etiquette mistakes.  

9.Run through the finish line. Keep moving. More cool runners just like you are coming behind so make some space. The medal for finishing is waiting for you so move in that direction, no matter how hard it is to keep going when you cross the line.  

10.Run against the traffic and always be visible. You should always run against the traffic and be clearly visible to drivers even during the daytime.  


Putting it together: Running etiquette rules to follow

Congratulations! Now you know 10 running etiquette rules to follow. Sending kudos to you on Strava. The most important thing is, don’t forget to bring your good mood to every race. Because when you are in a good mood, people will most likely forgive your running etiquette mistakes. And as long as you don’t take yourself too seriously you will be just fine!


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