Having enough inspiration to run may not be easy, especially if you are a beginner. Creating the habit of running may take some time, and many people give up during this time. It is crucial to stay motivated and inspired until you start loving what you do. 

There are many running benefits for your mind and body, so if you want to make a positive change in your life and be and feel healthier, you should try running. However, you need to know that it won’t always be easy. 

Moreover, if you like watching movies and want to stay inspired during your running journey, we have prepared a list just for you. Here are some of the best movies about running you should watch for inspiration. 

  1. Run for Your Life

Run for Your Life (2008) is still one of the most inspirational movies about running. Here, we can see the development of a character, Fred Lebow, and his running journey. The best thing about this movie is the touching story of Lebow, without whom the New York City Marathon wouldn’t exist. 

This man single-handedly made the New York City Marathon one of the best and most visited in the world. He inspired many people during his days, and this documentary will also inspire you. 

We can see that Fred’s love for running never left his side, and he always wanted to reach his goals, no matter what. Moreover, you will love Fred’s witty character and see how he built a positive attitude toward running. 

2. Gun Runners

Gun Runners (2015) is a movie about two young warriors who want to follow their dreams of becoming professional athletes. They were defending their country but still had the desire to become runners. To follow their dreams, they sold their guns so they could move and start their careers. 

However, they came across many challenges because it is not easy to become a professional in a country full of competition (especially if you are not trained for it). These two people show us that anything is possible if you have a dream. 

Although the story behind this movie is not a happy one, it is undoubtedly an inspirational one. Despite all the circumstances and obstacles getting in their way, these two young men kept their focus on the goal. They managed to get to the top and realize their dream. 

3. Race

Race (2016) is not just a movie about running; it is a story about facing difficulties and conquering all the obstacles that may come your way. The crucial part is staying inspired to reach your goal, and this movie teaches us how to stay motivated and inspired. 

The events of this movie occurred in 1936, but the story is still relevant to this day. We can see how a man, Jesse Owens, faces discrimination on his journey to becoming a pro runner. 

However, Jesse kept his eye on the goal and beat all the difficulties he faced. His story is inspiring to this day because, despite the unfortunate circumstances, he became one of the best athletes and carved his name into sports history.

4. Running for Good

Running for Good (2008) is a documentary about the fastest woman, Fiona Oakes. This documentary is not just about creating a successful career; it is about all the unpredictable things that can happen in a lifetime. 

Fiona’s story is different from any other story. Namely, she ran on all seven continents, making her the first woman to do so. Additionally, she was injured during her career, but it didn’t stop her from chasing her dreams. She proved that anything is possible if you have the motivation. 

This documentary touches upon all the things that can happen to a runner and how to overcome those problems. Fiona inspires many women worldwide and teaches us how to stay positive during difficult times. 

5. I Am Bolt

If you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best. What better way to learn about running than following the story of the best runner of all time, Usain Bolt? We have all heard about this great man, but people rarely talk about his journey to becoming the greatest sprinter in history. 

In this 2016 documentary, we can see what Usain Bolt had to go through to become the best runner. The movie shows us that we must go through hardships to achieve our goals, and Usain is one of the best examples of this principle. 

Many people are unaware of the background story of becoming a professional, of becoming one of a kind. In this documentary, Usain mentioned the positive and negative sides of becoming a pro athlete. He inspires us to push forward and not give up on our goals. 

6. Run Fatboy Run

This movie is not like the previously mentioned. Here, we dive into a romantic story that requires a change. Namely, Dennis, the main character, wants to get in shape to win his wife back after five years apart. He wants to prove to her that he can make a change and is ready to make that sacrifice. 

Dennis wants to run a marathon to prove his love, but he is not in shape for it. He finds his motivation and inspiration and starts working toward his goal. Although his initial plan wasn’t to win the race, he fell in love with running. 

This story makes us believe that we can all make a change and start working on our health. Once we do that, fantastic things will come our way. 

7. Finding Traction

Finding Traction (2014) is a movie about a female ultrarunner that is also different from the previously mentioned movies. This movie shows the footage of Nikki Kimball’s preparations for running the Long Trail. 

Unlike other movies, this movie shows real-life situations on Nikki’s running journey. We can see all the hardships she went through, but we can also see how good she felt after achieving her goals. 

This movie is about the truth of becoming a runner, with all its downsides. We can see that it is a rewarding career, but it requires many sacrifices. However, Nikki teaches us that there is nothing more satisfying than the feeling of achievement and success. 

8. Forrest Gump

This award-winning movie is one of the greatest running movies of all time. Many people still enjoy watching this classic because of the strong message it carries. Namely, we have a man who dreams of reuniting with the love of his life, so he starts running toward his dream. 

Forrest Gump shows us that we can all achieve our dreams and goals if we put our minds to them. Everything is possible from this man’s perspective, and this movie teaches us how to look at our goals and run toward them.  

A movie like this will surely leave a permanent mark on you and supercharge your motivation. Although it is not strictly a running movie, it is inspirational for all the people in the world. So, if you ever feel under the weather, you can watch this movie for instant inspiration. 

9. The Miracle of Saint Ralph 

This desperate boy called Ralph Walker wanted to do anything to make his ill mother better. Namely, his mother had an undiagnosed disease, and she fell into a coma. This inconsolable boy came up with the idea that his mother would wake up if he ran and won a marathon. 

Ralph believed in miracles to the extent that he became one. He wanted to prove they were possible since people told him it would be a miracle if his mother woke up. Ralph wanted to do anything for his mother and believed one miracle might happen after another. 

This story is not just about miracles; it is about having enough motivation to achieve great things; it is about pushing yourself to the limits to achieve your goals. We have learned from this movie that you need to work hard toward your dreams, and that hard work pays off. 



Running is not an easy sport and requires a lot of time and effort. Because of that, many people feel discouraged and need a little inspiration boost. There is no better way of getting inspired than hearing about other people’s stories. 

That is why we have created a list of inspiring running movies you should watch if you are looking for a reason to keep running. They all teach us that life can be complicated and that we might encounter obstacles, but we shouldn’t let these obstacles discourage us.

So, pick your favorite running movie, get your popcorn ready, and press play. Dive into an inspirational story that leaves you speechless and gives you that little push you need to lace your running shoes and hit the road.





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