The Top 15 Podcasts for Runners You Should Listen

Let’s discuss the top 15 podcasts for runners.

Whether you’re just a casual jogger, an experienced marathon runner, or an infrequent treadmill user, it just doesn’t feel right to do your favorite pastime activity in silence. It quickly gets boring and lonely, and if you’re like most people, you’ll find that your mind keeps running all over the place alongside you. 

You need something to listen to. Music’s always a good choice, but if you need some company on your trail, you should give runners’ podcasts a go. 

The best running podcasts can entertain, educate, and inspire you. They can give you the insight scoop on everything running – from safety considerations you should keep in mind to top recovery tips, the highest-quality trail running shoes, and even the best diet that can improve your performance.  

Take a look at some of the best podcasts about running and start enjoying your trail even more. 

1.Becoming Ultra


Becoming Ultra is the perfect podcast to listen to if you’re considering joining ultramarathons. You’ll get to hear stories from coaches, seasoned runners, and ultra beginners, learning what it takes to become an ultramarathon runner yourself. 

You will find plenty of entertaining and informational content with topics ranging from ultra experiences to training and nutrition. Episodes go from about 20 minutes to roughly an hour, so you’ll have something to enjoy regardless of how long your runs last. 

2. Not Your Average Runner 

Not Your Average Runner is not your average runners’ podcast. Whereas you’ll commonly find podcasts led by fitness gurus and perfectly fit coaches ready to take Instagram-worthy pictures at a moment’s notice, this one is unique. 

Founded by a running and life coach Jill Angie, the Not Your Average Runner podcast is for plus-size women who have a passion for hitting the trail. 

You’ll get to learn how to enjoy your favorite hobby without letting your body shape, weight, or age get in your way. 

3. The Strength Running 

The Strength Running is by far one of the best running podcasts you could listen to. Led by an elite marathon runner Jason Fitzgerald, who sustained several severe injuries throughout his career, it goes over some of the most exciting topics regarding running. 

You’ll learn how to become a stronger, better athlete, avoid injuries, and maintain your overall health and wellbeing. 

Jason frequently has amazing guests who get to share their experiences and insights into the world of running. 

4. The Rich Roll 

The Rich Roll is a comprehensive wellness podcast led by none other than Rich Roll himself. Roll has overcome his struggles with drugs, alcohol, and being overweight, turning into a powerful athlete and best-selling author. His podcasts will give you insights into his fantastic transformation and inspire you to become the best version of yourself. 

While many of his episodes focus on running, nutrition, wellness, and personal growth, he and his guests will frequently discuss relevant, exciting topics like the impact of social media, guns, liberty, and more. 

5. Marathon Training Academy 

The Marathon Training Academy is among the oldest and best-known runners’ podcasts. It was founded by Angie Spencer, who was riddled with painful injuries after her first marathon in 2008. She made it her quest to find better, more effective ways to train and minimize injuries. 

A registered nurse and certified coach, Angie offers proven training tips to help you reach your running goals quickly and efficiently. 

Most of her podcasts last about an hour, making them perfect when running longer trails. 

6. The Run Duo 

The Run Duo podcast has a little bit of everything – running tips and tricks, injury prevention suggestions, embarrassing running experiences, marathon challenges, and even fun discussions on the top gifts for runners. 

The hosts, India Cook and Tommy Mitchell touch upon any and every topic imaginable, simply letting the conversation flow naturally. 

They are a great duo to listen to when you’re on your morning jog, doing the household chores, or taking your dog on a walk. 

7.Science of Ultra 

If you’re not all that into lighthearted, casual conversations regarding running and are more interested in science-backed facts, you should give the Science of Ultra a listen. Hosted by Shawn Bearden, Ph.D., Science of Ultra goes into detail on exercise physiology. You’ll learn what it takes to become a pro ultramarathon runner – how you should train, what you should eat, and even how much you should sleep. 

Shawn’s solo episodes are up to 20 minutes, while his interviews with experts can go over an hour. 

With that, let’s discuss the next podcasts for runners on the list.

8.Running Rogue 

The Running Rogue is a highly entertaining and educational podcast that will keep you in the know about everything related to running. It was created as part of the Rogue Running organization, a community of experienced runners that offers training (and virtual training) and organizes unique running events. 

With Chris McClung as the host, you can listen to all the latest running news, listen to elite runners’ experiences, get tips on mental training, learn how to prepare for your next marathon properly, and more. 

9.The 300 Pounds and Running 

You don’t have to be an elite, ultra-fit marathon runner to enjoy running as a hobby – or to enjoy listening to some of the best running podcasts! Martinus Evans created the 300 Pounds and Running podcast as a form of a personal blog where he could share his journey of being an overweight running enthusiast. 

An award-winning speaker, Martinus hopes to inspire people of all shapes and sizes to start training at a pace that suits them. 

10.The Rambling Runner 

For most people, running isn’t just a hobby – it’s a lifestyle, but one that can be challenging to maintain. That’s precisely what Matt Chittim wants to address in his podcast The Rambling Runner. 

He hosts interviews with amateur and pro runners alike, getting them to share their experiences and insights into maintaining a good balance between running and everyday life. 

His episodes are inspiring, encouraging, and informative, making them excellent for beginners who don’t know how to incorporate their favorite hobby into their typical daily schedule. 

11.Trail Runner Nation 

The Trail Runner Nation podcast will provide you with hours of unique content you won’t find anywhere else. With ultramarathoners Don Freeman and Scott War as the hosts, you’ll hear about insightful trail running experiences, training advice, and so much more. 

The two often invite guest speakers like endurance athletes and scientists who can share insights into how you can become the best runner you can be. 

With hundreds of published episodes, you’ll have enough content to keep you company on your runs for the following year. 

12.Run Farther & Faster 

Run Farther & Faster is an immersive podcast hosted by two certified coaches, Lisa Levin and Julie Sapper. With over a decade of experience coaching and over 25 marathons run between the two, Lisa and Julie offer unique insights into what can make you a better, faster, and stronger runner. 

If you’re interested in joining the Boston Marathon, the RFF podcast is a must. You can even join Lisa and Julie’s virtual and in-person training lessons to better prepare for your races. 

13.The RunBuzz Running 

The RunBuzz Running podcast is led by Steve Carmichael, a NASM-certified personal trainer, former running club director, health and wellness coach, and RRCA-certified running coach. His years of experience have turned him into a genuine fitness expert. 

His guests include mindfulness coaches, fitness trainers, nutritionists, physical therapists, and amateur runners who share their trials and tribulations. Whether you’re just considering taking up jogging as a hobby or have already run countless marathons, you’ll find tons of helpful advice on the RunBuzz Running podcast. 

14.The Eat for Endurance Podcast 

Although regular training is critical for your success as a runner, what you eat significantly impacts your performance. If you’re interested in learning more about how nutrition affects your speed, agility, and strength, you’ll want to start listening to the Eat for Endurance podcast. 

It’s hosted by Claire Shorenstein, a registered, board-certified sports dietician, nutritionist, and running coach. 

Through her solo episodes and interviews with other dieticians, nutritionists, and professional athletes, you’ll learn how to boost performance and enjoy your life to the fullest. 

15.Run Eat Repeat 

Run Eat Repeat is just as valuable for pro athletes training for their next ultramarathon as for stay-at-home parents interested in improving their health and reaching their fitness goals. It’s a fun, lighthearted podcast started by Monica Olivas, a certified running and holistic health coach. 

You’ll get to hear about her training experiences, learn what it takes to join your first-ever marathon, and even get some fantastic recipes that are as delicious as they are healthy. 

Final thoughts 

With the best running podcasts, you can learn to improve your technique, boost your performance, avoid injuries, and become the best runner you can be. Many of the podcasts above will share tips and tricks that can enhance your training, give you details on the challenges and obstacles runners face, and give you valuable advice from expert coaches, athletes, nutritionists, scientists, and more. 


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