Best Running Light for Your Night Runs

No matter if you’re more of an early morning runner or prefer nightly activities, you need to be well-equipped for every situation. Besides good and comfortable running shoes, all runners need some reflective running gear, like running light or apparel. 

These tools are not just good for lighting up the path or keeping you from falling or tripping over obstacles. Running light is also the tool that alerts people around you, keeping you safe from drivers and alerting you to pay more attention to the environment. 

Outdoors running isn’t a logistical challenge if you have the right equipment and a quality headlamp. That’s why we’ve decided to list some of the best running headlamps in 2022 and help you log the miles without the hassle and stressful situations on the road. 

However, before we skip to the list of best lights for running at night, let us explain why running lights are essential gear for runners and give you some tips on buying the proper running light for your activity. 

Benefits of having running light

As we already mentioned, running lights are not only the tools that can help you lighten up the darkest trail parts. They also serve to prevent uncertain and alarming situations on the track, especially for those who love rocky and unclear terrains. 

Whether you prefer to carry the light on your head or attached to your arm, this is an essential part of the gear you should have every time you get out of the house for a running session. If you strictly run at the gym, or you’re more of a daytime runner, this piece of equipment is not necessarily for you. 

However, if you enjoy sunset runs, late-night sessions, or sunrise landscapes, you must have the proper gear for your own safety. You might want to listen to your favorite playlist while running and totally forget that you need to pay attention to other vehicles and obstacles on the road. 

Having a quality running light can help you avoid accidents and alarm people about your presence. It can also help you if you get lost or off the planned route for some reason. You should have a quality running light regardless if you like running at night or during the day. 

What to consider before shopping

There are a lot of factors you should consider before buying running equipment such as lights, but let’s start from the beginning. Before shopping, you should first ask yourself whether you’re looking for a light that can help others see you, light the path, or both.  

If you’re concerned about your vision and want full control over your running sessions, like seeing what’s going on in front and around you, the perfect type of running light for your needs is a headlamp. Headlamps allow you to take control over your surroundings by just moving the head towards the direction you want to illuminate. 

If you need a light to help others see you, especially if you enjoy running on an open road, you should go for the options that can quickly secure and clip to your clothing. These running lights are typically LED, and they offer different settings like strobe or flashing mode. 

However, keep in mind that LED lights don’t have enough power to provide you with illumination like headlamps. Headlamps are the best lights for running at night, and they usually come with a waterproof feature, which is essential in case you enjoy running in rainy weather. 

The last thing to consider before shopping is the lumen level of the light. The best options are the light with different lumen levels since you can choose the perfect light setting for every running session. 

How to pick the perfect style and running light type

If you want to pick the best light for running at night, you should know there are different types and styles you can pick from. The decision is up to your needs and requirements. However, to choose the proper gear, you need to know what styles and types exist and what are their benefits and disadvantages. 

Here are all types of running lights you can shop for and their pros and cons.


Headlamps are the best option for trail runners. They offer you perfect visibility of the challenging and dynamic changes on the trail. Runners typically prefer headlamps over all other types because of practical reasons. 


Handheld flashlight

In case of an emergency situation on the track, runners usually use handheld flashlights. However, this type of gear is not practical for illuminating rocky terrains at night. 


Shoe light

This type of light can only be attached to the shoes, and it serves to show you where to land your feet. People typically shop for shoe light as an additional light source for uneven terrains. 


Chest light

Chest vests are attached to the body, and they are designed to help people be seen and see the path in every situation during their outdoor activities. 


List of best lights for running at night

Silva Trail Speed 4XT

Silva Trail Speed 4XT is a running light made by a Swedish brand, and most Europeans claim it’s one of the best running headlamps 2022 choice on the market. Although a bit expensive, this running light can compete with quality cars’ low beams. 

This running equipment tool has more power than you’ll probably ever need on the trail. It can crank out 1,200-lumen levels at its full power. It can illuminate the surface of a large football field, but it needs a powerful battery. 

It’s suitable for professional trail runners and water-resistant, and it is balanced to fit the head perfectly. It comes with a rechargeable battery, and it can last for up to 20 hours on low settings. 

Ledlenser NEO10R

Ledlenser NEO10R is a relatively new model, but it offers consistency and quality in every term. This brand is known for reliability and high-quality product features. NEO10R is a very lightweight model that offers a wide illumination range. 

This running headlamp has a focus feature and a rotating mechanism that is very convenient and allows runners to adjust in all circumstances and environments. It comes with a rechargeable battery, USB cable, and an extension cord. 

The maximum output of Ledlenser NEO10R is 600 lumens, and it can illuminate your path for up to 120 hours on low settings.

Nathan Neutron Fire Runners 

This headlamp is very simply designed but still has competitive features. Even though it can’t work more than 30 hours on low settings, this headlamp has three sets of light that can help you even on challenging trail tracks. 

The Neutron Fire drains power from three AAA batteries, and it has an adjustable elastic headband. However, the headlamp only has 4-click adjustment settings, making it the first running light on our list without a fully rotating mechanism. 

The main LED light has a power of a maximum of 115 lumens, and you can pick the color of the light for the side LED. It’s not entirely water-resistant, but it’s affordable. 

Nathan Zephyr Handheld Flashlight

Nathan Zephyr is a high-quality flashlight made for various purposes. Besides running, you can use it for a variety of things. It doesn’t have the highest lumen power and can work at a maximum of 200 lumens. 

This flashlight is pretty lightweight, at just 4.1 ounces, even though it has a built-in feature – an integrated whistle. The whistle is there for safety and security in case you need help or to scare animals on the road, and it’s built into the light handle. 

The shape of the flashlight perfectly fits the arm, and you can wear it on either hand since it has adjustable straps. The Zephyr is waterproof. 

Zenoplige Night

If you’re looking for the best lights for running at night, Zenoplige Night might be your choice. It is a high-powered chest light with a quality security system that goes around the chest. Unlike most arm and shoe-mounted lights, this chest running light is very comfortable to wear. 

Even better, it has a red warning light that goes on the back, so anyone behind you can clearly see you on the road. The adjustable beam on this light is powerful to illuminate up to 30 meters, and you can tilt it up to 20 degrees. 

It’s lightweight, so you won’t have to worry about being uncomfortable while running. It has several beam settings, and you can safely wear it even during heavy rain. 

The bottom line

Whether you’re more into running earlier or enjoy ending the busy day with a late-night running session, a comfortable and high-quality running light is a useful accessory. If you’re not sure how to choose the best lights for running at night, you can freely pick one of the products we’ve listed above. 

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